Lothian Leagues Round1

When they put on our now famous black and white cap the feeling of belonging to a team seems to bring out the best in our swimmers. The amazing swims just kept on coming and I was asked twice by two other coaches how we do it on only three sessions a week. Well the key is quality but there is no point in having that unless the swimmers are willing to put in the hard sets. The enthusiasm shown by the team was summed up before the first girls warm up when Darcy was so keen to get in the pool she had forgotten to take her flip flops off and Cambelle still had her t shirt on.

There were several amazing swims starting with Kara breaking the three minute barrier for the first time on her 200 free which was superb. Jasper took a minute of his 200 Free Thomas had a Pb on his 20o free as did Sammy and Alice produced a brilliant time of 3.13 on her 200 free . Credit also to Elise for her 200 free, she battled all the way.

Personal Bests either in individual swims or in relays for:

Elise,Thomas, Aimee, Alice, Darcy, Kirsty, Jessica, Sammy, Cambelle, Kara, Jasper, Vilara and Rachel,

Ellie smashed through the 40 second barrier on her free for the first time with her new freestyle stroke and everyone is improving which is great news.

Swimming is a brutal sport given the thousands of meters needed in every session culminating in sometimes less than 40 seconds in a competition. One slight mistake in a swim can pose a potential disaster so I take my hat or should I say my scorpion black and white cap off to all those who come through the hard times to achieve times they never thought humanly possible.

There was seven club records created from this round of the Leagues Kara ,Alice ,Thomas ,Sammy , and Jasper all for 200 free Jasper 100 Back Sammy 50 Back and these will be update in due course. I noticed a big difference in the turns on Saturday however there is still much to be done on this aspect. I was also pleased about the distance off the blocks however once again this will be worked on in training.

We are so proud of all of you so keep up the hard work and your personal bests will happen if you are patient.

Let’s crack on lol