ELST MEET 04/02/2023

This meet is at a fairly high level and we managed to get a small number of swimmers into this gala which is quite an achievement.

It is not often I get the chance to write a report where each swimmer gets a small report however given the success achieved it is definitely worthwhile to do so in this instance.

Darcy Curtis

Darcy was full of the cold however she swam her 100 free and had a pb. She in fact had difficulty breathing at the end of her swim which meant that she had to take a breath from the last flags to the wall. She would have clocked 1 .15 so next time 1 18 is history. Great swim on her fly pb and smashed her 100 back time.

Emma Thomson

Emma was just outside her PB on 100 breast but her stroke has now been sorted and there is a lot to be happy about. She also smashed her 100 backstroke and whilst she was worried about her turns they were excellent. So pleased for her and there is a lot more to come from her that is for sure.

Campbelle Shand

I have been changing her breaststroke back to what she is more comfortable with and this 50 Swim was a whole lot better and smoother. This resulted in a one second pb and I am so chuffed for her as she was not happy with her last breastroke swim at a previous gala. This is the start of building on this success and I have no doubt her swims on 50 and 100 on this stroke will go from strength to strength.

Kara Robb

Kara has listened to the changes made to her breastroke and although she was nervous on the blocks her swim was outstanding again resulting in a pb. It was so nice to see a smile on her face when she completed the swim knowing what she has achieved. She always listens in training and this is a great stepping stone for her.

Jasper Smith

Jasper admits he was a bit slow off the blocks and despite that he clocked 28 secs for his 50 free. So nearly to clocking 27. which would have been very special. Jasper has for a long while tried to break through the 1 16 barrier for 100 fly and clocked 1 14 brilliant swim however he was disqualified for a very minor technical error and was gutted. Please remember on fly if you are short of the wall do not take an extra stroke just kick in.

Kara Armstrong

What can you say about this girl as she never ceases to amaze me with her will to achieve personal bests. She went into her 100 free with an entry time of 1 10. Kara has had a couple of attempts at breaking this barrier and not only did she break it she demolished it with 1.06. First 50 32 secs back 34 secs truly remarkable. She ran out of gas on her 200 free but the 100 free was the target. One of the best swims that I have been privileged to watch.

So all in all a magnificent day out for the swim team. It goes to show that in this sport you have to train hard because if you don’t you will be found out, I can honestly say that all those who competed at this gala on behalf of the swim team train great. Not only that they listen to what they are taught and are now reaping the benefit of all the hard work.

That’s all for just now but keep training hard you all know that you only get out of this sport what you put in. Susan and myself as always truly proud of all who took part in this very hard swim meet.

Colin Galbraith Head Coach Scorpion Swim Team