As you are already aware we have been collating various times to take part in this tri club virtual meet with two other clubs who we have built up a great relationship with over the years.

In the absence of being able to congregate with other clubs at swimming galas due to strict Covid guideance it was felt the best way to proceed was with something a little bit different.

Susan was very much instrumental in organising this and I was delighted she did as its great to touch base with Ian, Head Coach at the Fins club and Tom, Head Coach at Fauldhouse.

As usual you have all entered into the spirit of the meet with great enthusiasm and the format of each event has been exciting (with the exception of those who hate kick sets lol). We will try to fill in all the times for everyone of you by end of next week if at all possible.

The times will be amalgamated into results from the other two clubs and then published so you can see where you stand overall.

We are the first club in Scotland to try this and whilst it does not substitute for swimming galas it is a great idea given the circumstances facing us all.

Its a great pleasure to pilot this new format with both Fins and Fauldhouse, who we have known for a long time and both Susan and myself are excited for everyone who is taking part.

So crack on and post as fast a time as you can for each event

Colin Galbraith Head coach scorpion swim team