This as always is split into younger swimmers in the morning and older swimmers in the afternoon . In the morning session the club were represented by the following:-

Kara R , Kayla, Ruariduh, Aggie, and Aaron.

Kara and Ruariduh were swimming 200 free and Kara produced a great swim as did Rurairduh bearing in mind they are fairly knew to this distance as it’s never an easy distance to gauge what speed to go at but they coped really well. Both delivered good 50 Backstroke swims. Aggie had three great swims 50 free 50 breast and the relay. Kayla kept going on her 100 IM however her fly needs a little bit more work but credit to her as she was a lot better in her 50 fly. Two remarkable swims by Aaron in the 50 free and 50 back considering he is not long in the club he has some engine on him and I am always delighted when swimmers do well in their first competition.

Afternoon Session

The club were represented by the following swimmers:-

Kara A, Natalia, Cambelle, Darcy, Hamish and Katy

There was to be honest a mix of swims here however personal bests for Natalia on 200 IM and 100 FLY, also PBS for Kara on 100 Back Darcy on 200 Free ( smashing her entry time) and 100 Back. Cambelle nearly broke the 3 min barrier on her 200 great swim. Hamish had a good 200 free and 100 back and hats off to Katy for her breastroke just the last length cost her.

There is a lot of work to be done still on stamina and we will also be dedicating one session soon on technique especially on fly and breastroke together with tumble turns. It’s important more than ever that you listen to the sets given and the rest intervals. Sets coming up will be tough on overload so that you can cope with the second half of swims in competition.

All in all a good days work but this is only the start to the overall plan, so keep training hard but also listen carefully to what the target times and rest intervals have been given

As always Susan and I are very proud of all who took part and the effort put in to the swims

Colin Galbraith Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team. The