Iain MacFadyen Gala 29/09/2019

A measure of class is how you perform both in and out the water and before going into the report on what turned out to be a fantastic meet, I would like to mention a small but pleasing feedback received.

As I was leaving to go home two women who were the marshals at the event, said that our swimmers were a joy to marshal being not only polite but also well aware of what they were swimming – high praise indeed.

I think that just shows what we are all about both in and out of the water having the correct attitude and team spirit means everything in what is an incredibly brutal sport often training 10,000 metres every week for swims that can last as little as 40 or less seconds.

For all those who have not seen the film “we bought a zoo” apologies in advance however in that film their is a phrase which is “it only takes 20 secs of courage” and you will be amazed what can be achieved.

The four new swimmers to the team Natalie, Natalia, Summer and Ellie were nervous, understandably so, however they took ’20 seconds of courage’ and all four swam fantastic. To achieve the times they did and also get over the nerves was brilliant. I also think that the team have a bond which is unbreakabke and the new swimmers to the club just grabbed it with both hands and came out with massive smiles on their faces.

It is so important to work hard in training and take turns at leading the lanes where, if you are going first, the responsibility rests with you to swim fast and this then helps all the swimmers in that lane. You know me by now I always pick up on those who like to be tail end Charlie and encourage those who do so to take a turn at the hard end. I know it can be difficult to take the lead in a lane but like the ’20 seconds of courage’ have a go and you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

As usual club records were set with a few of them which I never thought would be taken off the record books for some time .

Kara 100 I’m 1.29.16
Cambelle 25 Fly 22.58
Ellie W 50 Fly 44.85 & 50 back 44.15 .

Rachel, Darcy, Katy and Alice produced great personal bests and in total there were 13 medals issued to various swimmers in the team.

I also would like to mention Katy who having just come out a 100 free swim then produced a split time in the relay of 35.69 which if she had gone first in the relay would have been a club record.

Continously achieving personal bests eventually become very difficult indeed especially if what you have set for yourselves is a major raising of the bar. It is good to set these goals but also recognize as I have outlined in other posts that it could take some time to break these times.When you get lower times especially on 50 metre swims it does become hard taking in some cases six or even more months to break. Don’t get too hung up on your times as with hard work and listening to what is coached and not making mistakes you will get there.

Anyway great times great team and please keep up the good work. As usual proud of all of you.

Colin Galbraith Head Coach Scorpion Swim Team


It’s a bit of a balancing act matching hard work with the secret of swimming hard without realizing it. This gala was the first for the club whereby all our swimmers were competing in events which were to be honest pretty tough and ‘out of their comfort zones.’

Whether it be a 200 Fly or a 400IM extending to 8OO free these are brutal swims particularly for the younger swimmers with less experience. I was a bit nervous about this one but they all swam fantastic and to mention all the good swims would range to over a page. Needless to say there were numerous club records posted, 16 in total including one or two records broken that I thought might remain on the website for another few years. There were many many highlights so I will pick a few out:-

Jasper’s club record on 200 Free and a great 200 fly – Emma’s club record 200 back -Elise great 200 back -Cambelle and Katy brilliant 200 Breast Thomas and Elliot very good 400IM as well as Alice on same event. Ellie and Darcy 800 and 200 free – just fantastic.

It goes without saying that the harder you train the more likely you will smash your personal bests. I was amazed how well we swam on events that are very tough and several coaches commented on the great swims and the attitude that we have in our club. Massively proud of all who swam and keep up the good work

  • Club records set as follows:-
  • 800 Free
  • Elliot 11 44 10
  • Thomas 11 39 65
  • Darcey 14 50 09
  • Ellie 13 45 79
  • Kara 13 07 61
  • 200 Back
  • Katy 3 17 21
  • Emma 3 55 90
  • 200 Fly
  • Alice 3 54 58
  • Jasper 3 11 21
  • 200 Free
  • Jasper 2 34 85
  • 400IM
  • Alice 7 36 17
  • Thomas 6 19 55
  • Elliot 6 20 71
  • 200 Free
  • Ellie 3 06 40
  • 200 Breast
  • Kara 3 35 18
  • Cambelle 3 38 18

Colin Galbraith

Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team