Pools have now been given a definitive date of 31st August which is amazing.

Whilst the First Minister and Government have given this date the green light this does not mean by any manner or means that pools will re-open on this date.

The opening date is now down to each individual service provider and there are lots of things that they have t take into account before agreeing and issuing a date for us to get back in the water.

There will be a lot of restrictions on numbers per lane and per training session which means Colin and I still have a lot to do to try and get as many of you back in the pool as possible and safely.

Under no circumstances will we be putting anything but safety first which may see some of you not getting as much water time as you may have had in the past, at least in the short term.

There is still a lot of work that we have to do and have signed off prior to being given the go-ahead to start back even if the pool give us a start date and that is in the process.

We will have this all pulled together shortly and sent off for ratifying and be ready for when we are given a true date for getting back into the centre.

When we do get back there will be a huge amount of changes to how things run but guidance for this will come out shortly to you all.

We have come this far so keep being patient we are almost there.

Scorps forever!

Big Thanks 12/08/2020

A big thanks to all who tuned into the two zoom meetings with Hannah Miley which hopefully gave you an insight into the mind of a three time Olympian swimmer. Also a big thanks to Susan for arranging this and also the bootcamps where we had to accept spaces for the latter on a first come basis due to COVID restrictions.
I know it has been a while since you last trained fully in the water however hopefully fingers crossed it will not be too much more of a delay before we are all back into training at Dalkeith once again.

In the meantime the exercises outlined in the first zoom meeting will help maintain a certain degree of fitness particularly with you core body strength. My advice would certainly be to do these exercises every morning or at least every second morning so when we do return to training hopefully this will help in coping with the harder training sets.

In the meantime both myself and Susan look forward to seeing those of you who were successful in getting a place at the boot camp sessions.

Colin Galbraith

Headcoach SST