Lothian time trial 23rd October 2021


  • Before going through the afternoon session with comments here are the results :-


  • ELLIE 400 FREE. 6.07.04
  • EMMA 100 BREAST. 1.51.80
  • KARA 100 BREAST. 1.33.35
  • KATY 100 BREAST. 1.36.20
  • ELLIE 100 FREE. 1.18.12
  • EMMA 100 FREE. 1.26.28
  • ROWAN 100 FREE. 1.30.23
  • ALICE 100 FREE. 1.25.30
  • KARA 100 FREE. 1.11.04
  • KATY 100 FREE. 1.17.23
  • ELIZA 100 FREE. 1.39.50
  • JASPER 100. FREE. 1.04.01
  • There were some fantastic swims at this afternoon event not least of which were two new club records set by Ellie in the 400 Fresstyle and 100 Freestyle.
  • Two new recruits to the club Eliza and Rowan smashed their personal bests out of sight. Both these swims showed what can be done with a little bit of confidence.
  • Kara and Katy swam brilliant times as did Alice and Emma.
  • In Emma’s case it’s just that last 25 as she was heading for a super time but her goggles filled with water (maybe ask Dad or Mum for a new pair? or! Ben can mend in the repair shop lol).
  • Kara posted a new personal best on 100 free despite just having returned from holiday late the previous day and she admitted before swimming she was tired so really remarkable.
  • By no means least saving the best to last (Jaspers words not mine) he had to wait all afternoon for his freestyle swim but it was well worth the wait he smashed his 1.06 time and had it not been for a bit of a messy touch at the end it would have been 1.03.

The stamina sets are working of that there is no doubt however our starts are still a half body down particularly on breaststroke so we will be working on that in training. Some of the turns on the swims were showing signs of improving which is always encouraging.
I must admit tapering a week before is always a bit nerve wracking for a coach but as we had put in some hard graft it worked out just fine.

So to all the swimmers who took to the water in this time trial a huge vote of thanks and keep up the hard work.




7th SEPTEMBER 2021

There were several candidates for this position however I am delighted to announce Kara Armstrong as the new team captain of Scorpion Swim Team.

Since joining the club Kara was always destined for the top lane and also with her great attitude, dedication and ability to communicate with all members of the team she became the obvious choice,

Since progressing through the ranks she now trains in the top lane and works so hard at her swimming. She also takes on board all the information given to her and improves all the time.

I can honestly say that she will make a great team captain and other swimmers will reap the benefit of listening to her and also adopting her never say die attitude to her swimming.

Well done Kara !!

Colin Galbraith Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team