Three energy systems in sport, each one a major test,
Which do I concentrate on so they all swim their best?
Plans, schedules and training sets, hoping each one is fine,
To make sure they all peak at exactly the same time.
Trusting your knowledge and never having to guess,
For various swims ranging from 200 metres or less.
Most love Backstroke, Freestyle, Breaststroke some the Fly,
My job to ensure they all do their best and give it a try.
Inwardly asking is it really all worthwhile,
Then knowing the answer when they PB and smile.
”Good swim” another rival coach gives you praise,
It helps the inner demons causing my malaise.
When it all goes wrong it’s a slap in the face,
What on earth went wrong in that important race?
Don’t beat yourself up I hear myself say,
After all we shall live to fight another day.
Next time will be better, he says with some doubt,
The buck stops with me to sort it all out.
I have done all I can just move on to the next meet,
Remember you have given your all and coached a real athlete.
Times are not great just now and things are all to pot,
But I miss the coaching and all of you a heck of a lot.
That’s the end of this poem, you probably can tell
So hopefully see you all soon stay safe and well.

Colin Galbraith
Scorpion Swim Team