As we are off for a few weeks I hope everyone has a great holiday and gets some much needed rest.

I would however point out and remind everyone that there are a few competitions looming on the horizon after we return in early August and as such it is important that you keep your fitness levels up by training over the holiday period.

I would say that everyone is at their fittest at the moment and if you can all keep this level ticking over until we return to proper training then the hard sets will feel a lot more comfortable.

Enjoy the break see you in august


Whilst most of the swimmers managed to be either on or near there personal bests and some crashing through their personal bests there is still room for improvement.

I noticed that our dives were much better although some are still going far too deep and still managing to post some decent times. The training is now into phase 11 which means there will be a lot of sets which will consist of swim and rest on specific times which makes training that wee bit harder. This has now been introduced and whilst the vast majority of swimmers are coping with the new regime some are still to find their feet.

I do not insist on much to be honest however can I just remind everyone without exception to make sure if we are represented at a competition that you remember to bring all your kit. In particular your club t shirts as it gives a professional look to the team when poolside.

After the summer period a full review of who will be training in which lane will be carried out and reviewed every month thereafter. This will be based on on a number of issues but the main one will be the swimmer/s ability to manage the training sets which will be progressively harder moving forward.

I will over the next few months be introducing target times built in to your swim and rests which is the hardest of all training plans . Do not worry though as both Susan and myself will never ask you to do something in training which we think you are incapable of doing.

The starts and turns are needing attention and this will also be looked at over the coming months. Bearing in mind the summer break it is imperative that you have a great holiday however as we will be entering several competitions after the summer it is also crucial that you keep your fitness levels up. Those of you who adhere to this over the break will find life a lot easier coping with the harder sets. Coupled with this benefit is the fact that if you maintain your fitness the chances of crashing through your personal bests greatly increases.

As you know the training has focused on all of you getting your head round long strokes as one of the key elements to maintaining speed however you also have to marry this with the speed of rotation in your arms and that will come with practice and increased ability to deal with lactic sets. Anyway keep training hard and everything will be fine.

As always proud of all of you who give maximum effort when competing

Colin Galbraith

Head coach scorpion swim team