I have to say that it’s getting tougher when you are at meets of this standard as getting into them at all is in fact a major bonus. There was a mixture of swims at this one but having said that everyone competed with all their heart and soul managing to break their personal bests and if not then post times on their personal best or very near them.

Three club records were broken at this meet Ellie Watt took the 50 back, Katy took the 100IM with Rachel taking the 50 Fly just after Katy had taken the 50 fly record from Rachel so it’s all good from a competitive point of view.

I would like to also mention the following swimmers who also had tremendous swims Darcy, Natalie, Natalia, Emma and Summer with Cambelle taking a bronze medal for her 50 breaststroke. Although stuffed with the cold Alice never gave up and she is a star for getting through her swims given she was not 100per cent. Kara also had a very good breastroke swim. The older boys did really well in their 100 free swims although Jasper admitted he needs to improve on his turns . Jasper did 1 .11 Thomas 1.10 and Elliot posted 1.07.

I never find writing these reports easy as often or not there are so many highlights that to single out anyone would be unfair however, Katy smashed her entry times out of sight despite getting away with an error in her 50 fly (will say no more on that one lol). Its now the case that more swimmers in the team such as Summer, Natalie and Natalia are pushing through to provide healthy competition to those who have been in the club longer and that is what it should be. It means no one can rest on their laurels and healthy competition leads to faster times.

I can’t praise all those who took part highly enough however whilst the starts and turns are getting better they are still a million miles away from where I would like to be. So these are areas we have spent time on and which we will continue to work hard on in training to perfect them as best we can.

As I have mentioned before the events at this gala are all sprints either a 50 or a 100 swim and one small mistake can often or not lead to your personal best not being broken. More than one error can be a disaster as swimming is a brutal and unforgiving sport at times. I cannot stress enough the importance of concentration when you are told about the small things in training which will make a massive difference to your performance levels. Provided all of you carry out these instructions then life will be a lot easier for you when you compete and as you all are beginning to learn it’s hard work swimming fast no matter what the distance. We are still heading in the right direction of that there is no doubt whatsoever but as you all know I am a perfectionist so attention to detail in your training is vitally important.

The spirit shown when we swim as a team is nothing short of fantastic and our reputation as being a club who always come out with a smile after swims is spreading. I am often asked what our secret is however as Kara says a magician never tells his secrets lol. There is however no secret, it’s down to caring about what you do and putting the hard work into all your training sessions.

Training is hard at times but everyone should have the desire to lead the lanes they are in as to do so means you will be working that much harder. Try if you can to avoid being tail end charley ie always at the back of the lane.

It’s been a hard year with the Tranent gala being the last one for 2019. I can honestly say without any hesitation whatsoever that it is a privilege and an honor for both Susan and myself to coach all of you, as you always give your swims everything you have and that’s all anybody can ask of you.

Finally never forget that if you don’t get a personal best or are disappointed in any of your swims then be positive because next time competing you will hopefully cut out any errors and also have more experience to cope with any pressure in these galas.

Very proud of all of you so keep up the hard training and pay attention to all the small hints and tips given to you as they can all mount up to seconds off your times.

The club records will of course be updated in due course.

As usual I am signing off and heading for a lie down for a much needed rest.

Colin Galbraith

Head coach Scorpion Swim Team