East DistrictChallenge

2nd and 3rd March 2024 Venue Bathgate

Unusually with help I mention all the swims over this weekend including splits for each swim entry time together with a note of the personal bests .


200 Free 44.58 52.58 54.92 51.3. Entry time 3.35.83. Swim Time 3.23 .38 PB 12 secs


200 Free. 41.74 48.32 47.52 43.81 Entry Time 3.22.10 Swim Time 3.01,39 PB 21 secs


200 free 36.00 41.84 43.98 42.88 Entry Time 2.47.43 Swim Time 2.44.70 PB 3secs

200 IM 43.62 48.08 58.94 42.88 EntryTime 3.16.25 Swim Time 3.11.69 PB 5secs


200 Free 42.52 49.45 51.01 47.89 EntryTime 3.30.68 Swim Time 3.10.87 PB 20 secs


200 Free 42.96 48.64 51.07 48.15 EntryTime 3.35.25 Swim Time 3.10.82 PB 25 secs


200 Free 35.56 43.54 45.24 42.14 EntryTime 3.27.17 Swim Time 2.57.18 PB 30 secs


200 Free 36.02 43.54 45.24 42.15 Entry Time 3.05.65 Swim Time 2.46.94 PB 19 secs


200 Free 41.98 48.94 52.47 50.37 Entry Time 3.25.98 Swim Time 3.13.76 PB 12 secs


200 Free 38.53 43.98 44.87 44.44 EntryTime 2.58.64 Swim Time 2.51.73 PB 7 secs


200 Free 46.26 55.63 57.33 53.75 Entry Time 3.57.77 Swim Time 3.32.97 PB 25 secs


200 Free 31.67 37.69 40.68 40.36 EntryTime 2.30.65 Swim Time 2.30.49 PB 1sec

290IM 36.86 41.67 50.54 38.53 Entry Time 2.51.15 Swim Time 2.47.60 PB 4secs

First of all the mass personal bests is result of some hard training sets and all the above swimmers working hard to get these results. The younger swimmers Kara and Ruby are showing immense talent and that never say die attitude culminating in the times posted, Ruaridh and Lewis are starting their journeys at this level and both improved their entry times. Hamish brought his time down although his tumble turns were a lot better he still popped up like a cork out a bottle on each turn. This will be sorted in training but well done Hamish.

Turning now to the other boys Willis between the flags was excellent however turns could be a lot neater something to work on in training. Still a very good swim.

QUINTIM smashed his entry time and went out maybe a bit too fast on his first 100 but held on to establish a great time. Fabulous swim and more importantly no cramp.

Tym went out 1.19. which was perfect but had to adjust his goggles as they filled with water remarkably he brought the swim home really well a class swim . Well done Tym

Emma went out just 3secs slower than her 100 PB and achieved a great time despite finding the second 100 hard again a great swim. This aspect is also covered later on in this post and something I will address in training . Well done Emma on this swim

Darcy had a far more controlled swim on her 200 free than the last time she swam her 100 free going out 1.19 again holding on for grim death on second 100. Her 200 IM was a work of art on fly back and free however much work needed on her breastroke. Darcy showed what can be done even if your weaker stroke is the dreaded breaststroke. I will help on that front in training. Pleased for Darcy as she is relentless in training

Natalia swam on her personal best in the 200 and went out the first 100 in 1.09 which made it difficult to hold on to the early lead she had .Still very good swim. Her 200 IM was terrific holding off a late surge on the free to win her heat and smash her personal best. She was happy with her swim and might have got rid of “I don’t do 200 swims”.

As you will know I study all the swims and in order to hold on to the back end of 100s and 200 s the training sessions are going to change to make the second half of swims easier. Oh no I hear you moan but trust me it will make sense once we train on this and chat through your swims and split times.
All in all very pleased with how you all swam but their is a lot of room for improvement which will help you achieve your goals.

That is all for just now congratulations to all of you who swam at this gala

Colin Galbraith

Head Coach Scorpion Swim Team