SATURDAY 28thAugust 2021

This turned out to be a cracking team v team gala which reaffirmed a great link between the two clubs. I was so impressed with the friendly attitude of both teams and it made for a very noisy but competitive gala.

The one thing you learn from such competitions is what aspects we are strong in and also others which need some work. There was no doubt at all that over 75 metres we had a slight edge in most cases but that last length of the 100 metre swims needs to be looked at. It is the case that stamina levels need addressed but that having been said it was a gutsy performance by us given the amount of time out the water from training.

Whilst Fauldhouse took first place we were not that far behind in the end and although there were a lot of swims and tired bodies we stuck at it and gave it everything.

As a coach you can’t ask for more than that and over the next few weeks stamina sets will enable you to smash your personal best times. The majority of the times were either on or just above your pbs and that was always going to be the case given the amount of time has been short to get back to the level we would want to be at.

As usual it would be unfair to highlight individual swims as there were quite a few who smashed their personal bests and the various times will be posted to the web site in due course.

I have to mention that both clubs are very similar in there mind sets ie always polite, always with a smile, always try their very best, and most of all always have the desire to win. It makes coaching you all a joy and I am sure that it will have acted as a great marker to where we are at in relation to fitness levels. It will take a bit of time to address this in training but it will be covered in the sets you will be asked to do over the next few months.

As I mentioned at the end of the gala it is definitely going to be an annual event and we will arrange for Fauldhouse Penguins to come to Dalkeith campus for the return match next year.

My ears are still ringing from the shouting of encouragement at the individual swims and relays by both teams and it just felt great to be back competing again. Fauldouse have some very fast swimmers but so do we and it made for a very enjoyable morning.

A great deal of thanks goes to all who made this possible given the restrictions imposed by COVID and Susan and Tom worked very hard to get this gala up and running. It takes a lot of hard work to arrange as I am sure you all appreciate. Coaching is time consuming and hard but when you see what can be achieved by all of you in the water it just puts a massive smile on my face and that makes it all worthwhile.

So we’ll done to the Scorpions who took part Emma , Mhairi, Ellie, Cambelle, Kara, Katy, Jasper, Elliot & Darcey. Hope I have not missed anyone out and if I have apologies in advance.

Look forward to the stamina sessions as I am sure all of you are lol.

Colin Galbraith

Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team

Back To Training

As the Summer Holidays come to a close (cant believe its August already) Training returns Tuesday 10 August (yippee)

There will still be some restrictions in place but we will let you know about these over the weekend. Please make sure you have your Team App notifications on.