100 Metre times and lactic training

You will all be aware that the training sets have been harder recently as has the number of metres completed in each session. I know it’s been hard going at times but the results gained are clear to see when we timed you all on your 100 freestyle swimming (without starting blocks).
To say the results were good would be an understatement with most of the younger members of the squad taking massive chunks off their times.

The top group are also reducing their personal bests and that is not an easy thing to do given that when you get down to low figures often it is very difficult to break your times. The outstanding swim goes to Kara Armstrong taking into account no starting blocks she was posting a time of 1.10 amazing. I would also like to mention Jasper Smith who recently completed his 100 free and amazingly when we calculated the time taking into account without starting blocks achieved 1.05. the boy is a machine!

Recently we have been concentrating on butterfly technique and in particular arm rotation and timing and at long last there has been evidence of this bearing fruit and making a huge difference to your speed on this difficult stroke.
The ultimate aim is to have you all as fit as possible for next year when hopefully some form of normality will prevail and we can get back to swimming galas where I am confident that the hard training and tips given to you will make all the difference. I would like to thank each and everyone of you in the squad for your support and the effort you all put into training. Not only are you getting fitter but also you are all now adapting to the harder sets which shows great progress.

The next stroke getting attention is backstroke and in particular how you should be doing your starts and turns and focusing in on depth of stroke and timing. It is a while since we also did turns which are a must in order to bring your times down so be prepared for lots of hard work early in the new year.

I probably don’t say this often enough but hand on heart you are probably one of the best sets of swimmers I have had the privilege of coaching during my long coaching career. That of course does not mean we let things slide over the Xmas period so when we break up for the festive period bear in mind the sets in January will be even tougher but rest assured it is nothing that you cant handle.

Keep listening and training hard you know it makes sense.

Colin Galbraith
Head Coach