Representing the club at this meet Natalia. Kara, Ruraidh, Hamish, and Darcy.



Natalia achieved three bronze medals with some outstanding swims. Absolutely gutted for her on the 100 free as she slipped off the blocks and still posted 1.06 just shows that this time will be smashed very soon. The torpedo start is her specialty so an error on this has a big effect. Well done Nats for all your swims

DARCY 100 BACK 1.27.91-100 FLY 1.41

It was obvious after her first swim Darcy was not well and despite wanting to continue with 50 free she was just too ill to do so. Not to worry Darcy will smash her pbs soon when fully recovered. Darcy never gives up but she was upset and the right decision taken to withdraw her from her remaining swims. Get well soon Darcy.

RURAIDH 100 BREAST 2.14 .69 .-100 FREE 1.36.48 PB-50 FREE 42.97 PB

He swam two massive personal bests and is getting stronger all the time. Two cracking swims and the breastroke just had the timing out but despite the time it’s definitely getting there. He always trains hard and is a delight to coach so keep the hard work going. Well done for superb freestyle swims and a great attitude.

HAMISH 100 FREE 1.22.60-PB 50 FREE 38.36 PB These two swims were massive decreases in his personal bests and at long last with a bit of concentration the swims are coming good. Despite problems at the start of the free with his goggles he kept his cool and smashed his times. I always knew he would come good it was only a matter of time. Well done hamish.

KARA 100 BACK 1.35.13 PB-50 FREE 39.53 PB-100 BREAST 1.53.69 PB-100 FREE 1.28.07 PB

As can be seen Kara had a magnificent day posting big PBs in all four of her swims. She is now becoming racing fit after digging deep in training to keep the speed and delaying the onset of lactic acid in her swims .It is with great pleasure to see a swimmer who puts the work in reaping the reward by way of personal bests, The smile after each swim says it all really so congratulations to her for a great overall improvement.

There is still much to improve upon but we are sailing in the right direction that is for sure. The hard work in training is essential to compete at this level and the feeling of being a part of a very special team is there for all to see. I was very proud of each and every swim. The attitude is summed up by Darcy wanting to continue competing despite being ill and Natalia getting three bronze medals and still being angry of that slip off the blocks which would have broken the 1.06 for sure.

That’s all for just now but a big thanks to all who took part and performed to a very high standard. Keep up the hard training you know it makes sense.

Finally big thanks to Susan for arranging the scorpion t shirts that look amazing.

Colin Galbraith Headcoach Scorpion Swim Team.



This was a tremendous effort by the following swimmers:-

Ruaridh Wilson -Darcy Curtis-Emma Thomson-Natalia-Zaclona-Willis Chan-Tim Medinets and Katy Young. I will list the times and write a small report on each swimmer however meantime here were the times posted on each event.

Ruaridh 200 free 3.18.24 100 Breast 2.12.84

The 200 free swim was immense knocking nearly 15 secs off his entry time. He is getting stronger in every gala and never gives up. Well done the disco kid lol. His breastroke needs work but nothing that can’t be sorted so overall a great afternoons swimming for him.

Darcy 100 fly 1.37.64 200 free 2.44.

The major breakthrough has to be the 100 fly where she beat her pb by 7 secs and held on in last 50 as promised in training. The freestyle was excellent also and is down to how hard this girl trains. She went out her first 100 in 1.18 so next step smashing her 100 free time is on. Split times excellent in both relays. She deserves these times as she works so hard in training. Well done Darcy super afternoon for you.

Emma 100 back 1.28.09 and 100 breast 1.44.44

.The backstroke swim was a great pb and her turns are starting to show that she is maintaining her overall speed. Really pleased for Emma who also works hard and listens to the advice given to her. Her breastroke needs altered to be more streamlined but it’s not a major issue. Again great afternoon for her. Emma never ever gives up and her split time in the relay was very fast.

Natalia 200IM 2.48.64 100 Fly 1.20

The 200 IM was heading for a personal best however she made a mistake on her back to breast transition which cost her. It was still a great swim but Natalia was not happy which shows how much she cares, The fly swim was very good and a personal best and she is improving on every stroke now which is great. Her split in relay was 29 secs unbelievable.

Willis Chan 100 Fly 1.43.74 200 IM 3.10 74

His fly time was good just a bit of work needed on those fly turns. He then did a great swim on 200 IM and most pleasing was the effort and no dq on any of the strokes.Split time in relay very good indeed Good afternoons work.

Tim 200 free 2.43 100 Breast 1.37

Tim’s free and breast were excellent and this boy improves his times every gala, Tim trains really hard and it shows in his times being posted at each gala, Still work to be done on his turns but he knows this is an issue, He always listens in training and is heading in the right direction for more personal bests for sure. Split time in relay excellent.

Katy Young 100 breast 1,36.38

She just lost a bit on last 25 however given the minimal training this was a creditable swim and she should be well chuffed. She made up the girls relay team and posted a brilliant time split. See relays below for more information.

4×50 relay splits girls

Splits Nats 29.83! Emma 34.59 Katy 33.10 Darcy 34.35 Time 2.11.87

4×50 Mixed Relay

Splits Nats 30.73 Tim 31.09 Willis 33.93 Darcy 34.46

Time 2.10.20

All the split times were excellent and swimming in a relay brings out the best in our swimmers, They were simply flying and each member contributed to a fast overall time. Katy surely must at long last know she has talent with her 33 split.

Last but by no means least Natalia broke 30 secs for the first time and as she was first off in the relay this counts as a short course 50 time, It was a brilliant swim and this will be a boost for breaking the 1.06 barrier on her 100 free.

Proud of each and every one of you

Colin Galbraith Headcoach scorpion swim team